What is happening to me?! – the physical side

Here I am, laying in bed wondering what this night will bring…

Do you know I can’t remember the time that I last had a full night’s sleep without waking every few hours with a nightmare, needing the toilet or just pure restlessness. Last night was horrendous, I finished work by 11, came home and got straight into bed. If was asleep by half 12. It was a few minutes after 5 before I awoke fully. I had a few stirs Inbetween but this time I was eyes open and there was no going back. I had a pain in my inner upper right thigh, it was the worst pain that I have ever felt in my legs, ever. I laid there for a minute or two, trying to take it in but I thought it would just pass, maybe I’d just slept funny. The longer I lay there the worse it got, I was waiting to myself, and breathing heavy, feeling a panick attack coming on. The centre of the pain we as in my inner thigh, but I felt it begin spreading, over my knees and down my shin towards my foot. I went to the toilet and thought maybe somehow it would relieve it, I hobbled there holding on to the walls not being able to put any pressure on my leg. I came back to bed and the pain was worse than before, I was buying the pillow, to stop me from crying out as the pain took over my limb. What is this? Where had it come from? I felt fine physically when I went to bed. I started to Google it , as we all do. It came up with some kind of problem where you have pressure on you nerves in the leg causing you discomfort, but I have done nothing different to any of night so I don’t know why it would come on suddenly. It’s either that or a blood clot, according to the internet but I’m trying to rule out worst case scenario. I laid just a little longer, and the tears started to follow, not just due to the pain but I thought maybe this is the world giving me what I wanted. I wanted to die so maybe my body is slowly giving up on me and this is the last night I’ll hold my baby boy in my arms.

I decided to go downstairs and take some painkillers, it has to be bad for me to get out of bed when I’m tired on a cold night. As I came back into the room I turned my light on which awoke my little boy who said ” I don’t want the light on mummy”. So sweet an innocent. The painkillers started to kick in and the pain began to ease allowing me to call back to sleep. I’ve been taken painkillers regularly this evening, each time I’ve felt the pain coming back. I’ve no idea if it’s connected to my mental well-being so far, but it’s something else to add to the list.

What I have been suffering with for the last 5 or 6 weeks is what appears to be symptoms of IBS. The doctor won’t actually diagnose it as such until you’ve had it for three months, but I’m halfway there. My body alternates between constipation and diarrhea, sometimes it feels like I have both at the same time which I originally thought was impossible, I thought I was going mad, but it’s true. No trip to the toilet is normal for me anymore. I have severe pains in my abdomin after eating, they come over me like waves of contractions giving birth. My temperature rises, my head starts to swear and I feel myself wrapping my arms round my belly and clenching my sides waiting for it to pass. I feel gassy and bloated constantly, and I have the tiniest meals, less than my 2 year old boy before I feel full to the rim and start urging as I try to put more food down me.

Sleep, don’t even talk to me about sleep. I can go to bed for 10 hours or more and feel like I’ve not slept at all. I constantly feel drained, fatigued. Everyday functioning becomes a challenge for me, feeling like I’m running on empty no matter what I do to try and fill the tank. This just makes me moodier and fuels my low mood, anxiety, depression.

I am blown away by how much affect these mental problems can cause your actual physical body. Not only do you have to fight the mind but this too. Now I understand why people can’t go to work, can’t get on with their life when they feel this way because it’s harder than everything I’ve ever tried before. We all as hunan beings get annoyed and upset about things, we get angry and things may play on our mind more than we’d like. But we get over them, most of the thine, and continue each day as best we can. Can you believe that those thoughts in your mind can actually control your body too and stop you from living a normal easy life. Things are so difficult mentally that they actually make you ill physically too.

Isn’t it scary how it only takes people to get you into this state where your body starts to give up on you.

Until next time.


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