You jump I jump – Well that was a lie…

I have spent a lot of time this week thinking about the relationship that I have just come out of. Maybe it’s not good to think back over everything but maybe it is, for I’m finally starting to see things that are helping me to stop blaming myself.

If you have read over my first few posts, and in particular Mystery Man you will see that I have praised my ex boyfriend for everything but not standing with me through this mental struggle. I have gone back to my roots and I have explained how my experiences as a child have left me with severe self-esteem issues, feeling worthless, like everyone else is better than me which of course causes trust issues in a relationship. I have neglected to mention all of the things that happened in the relationship leading up to the break up, that lowered my self-esteem even further, made my mood even lower and made me want to give up altogether. We watched titanic together about a week before he left me, and he said to me ‘ you jump I jump’ hence the title of this post. He claimed to have my back, he told me not to cry anymore, he said he had me and I can’t count how many times he told me I was precious and that he was going to show me my worth in the world. That he was going to be the one guy that proved to me that relationships, that men, aren’t all bad. However, he didn’t live up to his word. I was clouded by my low mood into thinking that he just didn’t jump with me, but I’m starting to see that he pushed me before he walked away to the easier life he wants.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and everyone makes mistakes here and there particularly at the beginning of a relationship when your still unsure if it’s what you really want or not. The things that I have been considering are the more recent things. Only about 6 weeks prior to the break up is where things really went downhill. I cannot deny that I too have not been perfect and that I have made mistakes that warrant him to be angry and upset. The difference with me is that I owned up to them, I didn’t need to have evidence put Infront of me, all he had to do was ask me if I had done something and I told him the truth in response to his question. I even told him things that he wasn’t asking about because I didn’t want to hide anything from him, I didn’t want to lie to the man that I loved. Even at this point when we had agreed to be honest about everything and wipe the slate clean he still protested his innocence throughout the whole relationship. He spent a week at least giving me a very hard time for the mistakes that I had made, and made me feel extremely worthless during that period. I have never before felt so undeserving of love and I really blamed myself thinking that I was the only one that had done wrong, that I had ruined my life and that I would just be better off dead because I had messed up.

Slowly day by day his lies began to expose themselves, and the amount of times that he lied to my face became way more than anything I had ever done to him. It even came out that during that week that he was giving me a hard time for not being completely honest about something that had happened when we weren’t together, he was going behind my back talking to other girls. Whilst giving me the low down, making me feel like I was the worst person in the world he was actually not practicing what he preached but doing worse!! I’ll tell you the reason why I felt so low when I arrived in Paris with him the day before the break up. Teo days before we were due to leave, I was using his iPad and I came across a folder full of nudes from other girls. He had told me, numerous times, and even that very week that he had deleted all of those pictures and had no need for them any longer. Yet again he was lying, perhaps it was an innocent mistake that he hadn’t deleted them from all locations but he had said that he had seen them the night before and couldn’t remember his code to get into the app but why wouldn’t you just delete the whole app? It makes no sense and he’s not a silly person, he’s got brains he just tries to act dumb when it suits him.

I am beginning to think that there are many many things that he lied to me about, and I believe that he was always up to things that he should not have been. Whether he actually loved me or not I will never know. I don’t think he would ever admit this but I think I know why he does not want to be with me now. He kept saying that he wanted to support me to get better, but that he didn’t want to be with me and I was confused by this. I couldn’t understand how he could care but not enough. He said that getting me better was the number one priority, and he kept repeating that the relationship wasn’t good for me that it wouldn’t help me get better, that I wasn’t in a good enough place for a relationship. But I’ve figured it out now. He knows that he wronged me, and only he knows to the full extent how much. He doesn’t want to be with me because he knows that although he has nothing to do with the underlying mental health issues, he has pushed me over the edge with the way he has treated me lately and he is too much of a coward to fix it.

Better off without him.

Until next time.


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