Why can’t I stop it?!

So yesterday at work I had another panick attack. It’s horrible, how many of these can I have in one month seriously?

I started off feeling really hot and sweaty, then I couldn’t breathe properly. Then my whole body started to tingle and shake, even my lips and my eyelids. My fingers just locked into a position and I couldn’t physically move them. It took me hours to calm down. It’s so embarrassing when your work colleagues start asking you if your okay and start presenting you with things and suggestions to help you. I just felt like such an idiot.

This time I wasn’t able to stop the thoughts in my head to stop myself feeling so low. It just takes hearing one little thing to set me off, why can’t I ignore these things. Why do they end up taking over my body.

I shook and I trembled as I came into work this morning but I am here and I am trying again. I can’t give up I have to try and try harder every single day. Today the goal is to not have another one. No matter what the day throws at me I need to be stronger than it. I have to try and remind myself that I’m living and breathing and I have a very positive future ahead of me but I just have to push myself to reach it!

Until next time.


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